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September 28, 2015


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The Devil's Eight is a fast paced boss rush where you must fight your way through the circles of hell. The Eight Overseers sealed away your powers, leaving you with only a shield to defend yourself. With your offensive options gone, you must master your opponent's movements, expose their weaknesses, and use your divine shield to reflect their strongest attacks back upon them. Fight your way through the eight electronic soundscapes that fuel the overseers of the inferno. Each world is driven by their own unique soundtrack, inspiring a fresh boss experience in this abstract psychedelic hell.


Starting as our lead designer Ruben Telles' senior university project, The Devil's Eight was originally worked on at UC Santa Cruz. Wanting more for the game than what could be done in those six months, he brought the game with him to Second Step Studios, and under a new team began to develop the game to its full potential. Through The Devil's Eight, Second Step Studios aims to create a uniquely challenging boss fighter with a stunning combination of audio and visuals.


  • Fight your way through the circles of hell in this pure boss fighter
  • Mercilessly challenging gameplay
  • Experience the beautiful and haunting neon fueled inferno
  • Each boss is built around a unique electronic soundtrack, inspiring new boss experiences
  • The player has only a shield to counter and defend themselves
  • 2D movement mechanics inspired by Super Smash Bros.
  • Fight bound to the circles around each boss, leaving no avenue for escape


Official Reveal Trailer YouTube

Second Boss Footage YouTube

First Boss Footage YouTube

About Second Step Studios

Second Step Studios is an indie game studio formed by six graduates of the games program at UC Santa Cruz. While we formed the company as six, Second Step Studios acts as a banner that we can experiment and explore games through, with some projects worked on in smaller teams. The Devil's Eight is currently being developed by a team of two part-time.

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