The Devil's Eight is a fast paced, music driven boss fighting game where you face off with the circles of Hell. The Eight Overseers sealed away your powers, leaving you with only a shield to defend yourself. With your offensive options gone, you must master your opponent's movements, expose their weaknesses, and use your divine shield to reflect their strongest attacks back upon them. Fight your way through the beat of the Inferno as you descend through each circle of Hell, slay its master, and reclaim your lost powers.

Because the player is confined to a circle around each boss, one must utilize many of the mechanics and complexities found in 2d fighting games: spacing and defensive options are essential. Through this combination of an unforgiving 3d world and twitch-based 2d action, The Devil's Eight creates a uniquely difficult gameplay experience.

The bosses represent the circles of Hell over which they hold dominion, and each one you face presents their own unique challenges: you will need to recognize and adapt to their different fighting styles if you hope to vanquish them. Upon defeating the Overseers of the Underworld, you will learn of their tortured history, discover their timeless pain, and explore the cardinal sins of their buried past.

Reflecting the personal backstories of the Overseers, each circle of Hell has its own electronic soundtrack. The theme and beat of the songs drive their worlds, creating an energetic and haunting combination of audio and visuals that paints the neon fueled inferno of The Devil's Eight. As you delve deeper into the underworld, lose yourself to the beat.

In the Inferno, there is no level up to win. As you dive into the depths of Hell, you must constantly improve as a player - to not means sure defeat. Do you have what it takes to conquer The Devil's Eight?

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